How We Gather

We are attempting to have our faith community shaped by the same things that shaped the early church. In the 2nd Chapter of the Book of Acts we read that the first believers were devoted to four things; the Apostles’ teaching, fellowship, having meals together and praying together. We figured if it worked for them it should work for us too.

The Apostles’ Teaching
Every Sunday we gather at 10am for worship. Our songs and hymns are selected based on the truth they reflect in the Scripture. The central aspect of our service is an expository teaching that is firmly grounded in the Scripture, practical and relevant.

We are a community that places relationships with one another has a high priority. As such we are always looking for ways to get to know one another better. We break for a few minutes in the middle of our service to greet one another and then hang out afterward over coffee and Lemonade. We also gather once a month at someone’s home for a meal where more fellowship happens.

Sharing Meals
On the fourth Sunday nearly every month, we gather at someone’s home following the service for a meal. The host home changes every month, giving us an opportunity to see where each other lives, pray over that household and to share at their table. We think these meal times are a critical piece of building a strong faith community.

Praying Together
If you ever experience one of our services, you will find that we pray a lot. Prayer is a declaration to God that says; God, we need you. 


We are a church in heart of community with the community in our heart.


2090 Black River Road, Pottersville
PO Box 89, Pottersville, NJ 07979